Wayfinding Solutions at Blue Rhine Industries

Blue Rhine Industries has developed a wayfinding approach that has been successfully applied to a wide range of sectors from residential communities, hotels, shopping malls and hospitals. These types of sites are fast-paced, diverse and complex and all benefit from strong wayfinding principles.

Whether it is a new development or an existing site, a significant element to all users positively engaging with the building and environment is how the branding and wayfinding is applied and tailored to enhance the experience of their visit.

We have a team from highly trained wayfinding backgrounds who have experience on the client and consultant side. Our project managers, fabricators and installers are experienced and knowledgeable in executing and delivering wayfinding projects and comply with best practice rules.

What We Do

An easy-to-understand wayfinding system requires meticulous planning, expert guidance and resources and strategic implementation. With a well-equipped manufacturing facility and highly trained professionals, we have the right expertise and know-how to create custom-made designs, ranging from simple entrance/exit signs and digital maps to complex wayfinding boards for a variety of customers. Our wayfinding designs can be found at various locations in UAE such as cinemas, shopping malls, museums, stadiums, educational institutions, organisations, hospitals, and more.

What We Offer

At Blue Rhine Industries, we specialise in creating easy-to-follow wayfinding signage, including:

  • Direction boards: Signboards that direct you to a place usually appearing at junctions or busy streets.
  • Identification boards: These are used to help you identify a location or find buildings like shopping malls, hospitals, schools, etc.
  • Information boards: They help people find relevant information on a particular place or thing like time to visit, details or historical facts of the place, etc.
  • Regulatory boards: They display rules of a particular location. For example, whether you can take photos, park your vehicle, etc.

Help your customers, visitors and employees find your facility easily, call us at +971 (4) 823 1444 right now.

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