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Digital Signage Solutions in Dubai & Abu Dhabi (UAE) & Egypt

Blue Rhine Industries leads the signage industry in Dubai as a specialist catering to diverse businesses. From signboards,  digital menu boards and indoor digital displays to large format outdoor digital signage displays, we provide both traditional signage and digital signage solutions for all kinds of needs and budgets.  

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Why should you choose Blue Rhine Industries for outdoor digital displays and indoor digital signage in Dubai?

When you choose Blue Rhine Industries, you are backed by a large team of signage experts who are committed to meeting your requirements. We provide solutions right from design and fabrication, to installation and maintenance. With extensive industry experience, in-depth technical knowledge and expertise, our team has the capacity to create innovative solutions to enhance businesses and amplify brands.

Blue Rhine Industries has over two decades of experience in developing and hosting digital signage screens for various organisations, both large and small, across the UAE and Egypt. As a company engaged in the manufacture and supply of signage, we’ve successfully rolled-out multiple projects for industries like transport, retail, real estate, education, healthcare, hotel, hospitality, tourism and government departments. 

Our digital signage services can be tailored to match the scale of every organization, both in terms of pricing and sustainability. From manufacture to supply and maintenance, we provide end-to-end services. We are dedicated to creating digital advertising signs and outdoor signs that match perfectly with the needs of our clients.

Digital signage solutions, we specialise in:

As one of the leading signage suppliers and manufacturers in Dubai, we’ve designed, manufactured and installed thousands of signboards and digital signage outdoor screens for 100+ businesses. So, whether it is for informational, promotional, or for wayfinding purposes, we are’ guaranteed to have the best digital solution for your purpose. 

Here are some of our offerings:

  • POS Display
  • Signboards
  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Large Format Outdoor Digital Signage
  • Digital Information Boards
  • LED Displays
  • Digital Billboards
  • Interactive Digital Signage
  • Digital Standing Signage
  • Digital Wayfinders
  • Digital Notice Boards
  • Digital Signage Touch Screens
  • Outdoor Digital Signage Kiosks

Advantages of digital signage from Blue Rhine Industries

Create immersive visual experiences for your audience with cutting-edge solutions from Blue Rhine Industries, one of the best digital signage companies in Dubai. A powerful medium with immense possibilities, our digital signage helps you to:

  • communicate with your customers, visitors and employees and disseminate information 
  • update information electronically without changing the physical unit
  • send out a large amount of information, live news and updates
  • promote your products and services effectively 
  • play DVDs, along with TV streaming
  • attract customers by displaying offers and discounts
  • entertain your audience and provide them with a cinematic experience
  • provide your customers with wayfinding support
  • eliminates the cost of printing

Suitable applications of digital signage

Our in-depth experience as a digital signage solutions provider in the UAE and Egypt has revealed the key role that digital signage plays in informing and entertaining an organisation’s target audience. 

The most common indoor and outdoor applications of digital signage in different industries are as follows: 

  • In business environments:  to inform employees about activities, dates of events, as well as HR and management-related announcements. It can also be used to display project milestones, to-do lists, etc. They can also act as way finders to direct customers and new candidates to your office. They can display corporate values, vision statements and so on, for your employees and customers and entertain visitors while they wait.
  • In sports: to live-stream events, score-board, and display sponsor adverts. 
  • In a retail outlet/shopping mall: to display ads, latest offers,  and discounts and wayfinding support through store location maps.
  • In a restaurant: to display menu, prices, and so on.
  • In a hospital: at the waiting room for displaying medical information, managing queues, and entertainment visuals.  
  • In a bank: to display information related to gold rates, share price, interest rates, and so on.

Our process

Site Audit: We begin our process with a full site audit, where we look at the complexity and legality (if outdoor) of the build environment. Based on this, a project plan and the challenges are chalked out.  

Planning: After understanding your requirements and taking your site audit report into account, we advise you on the type of digital signage that would best fit your purpose. 

Design and Deployment: In this phase, we bring your ideas into reality. Here, we choose top-of-the-line hardware and supporting software to design your signage. Whether you want your system to be installed in one location or multiple places, we get it done at this stage.

Maintenance: After implementation, we are always there, with our assurance of continued support. 

Discuss your concerns with our digital signage experts, call +971 (4) 823 1444 (Dubai), +971 54 998 7971 (Abu Dhabi).

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