Why you should consider the lighting in your retail or hospitality space?

No matter what type of business you run, whether it is a retail store, bar, restaurant, or hotel, it is imperative that the lighting strategy you use on your signage and inside the store is optimized to engage the end-user. The creation of a welcoming ambiance for your venue involves a multitude of aspects. A key influencer is lighting since lighting affects mood and draws attention. A study found that 76% of consumers entered a store after seeing an attractive sign.

Architectural signs used in retail today have progressed from backlighting with fluorescent tubes to integrated signage with LED panels. In this sense, it’s necessary to understand the benefits of lighting to your space:

  • Attracts customers to your store
  • It upgrades the aesthetics of your store
  • By highlighting products, it makes them more visible
  • It guides consumers throughout your store
  • In addition, LED lighting consumes less energy

Lighting tips for creating an appealing atmosphere

Depending on what kind of venue you have, the decisions you make about lighting will differ. When it comes to retail, it is always better to choose a brighter lighting scheme to enhance the appearance of your products. The visibility of your products alongside the prices and specifications helps your customers make informed decisions about whether or not to buy. Contrariwise, at a restaurant or a bar, you are unlikely to find a lot of bright lighting because the atmosphere revolves around nighttime. In this situation, bright lights are unexpected since customers prefer the dimly-lit environment at this time of day.


Visual merchandising and lighting tools

What do you need to create the perfect atmosphere at your venue? At Blue Rhine Industries, we’ve got a wide selection of lighting tools and merchandising accessories to boost sales and improve the appearance of your venue.



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