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Sustainable Solutions

As a manufacturing unit, we are aware of our carbon footprint and like to stay apprised of our impact on the community in this regard. As the world is switching to digital, here are some sustainable benefits to it. Digital signs save money by reducing printing costs. Being versatile in nature, digital signage can be used for advertising, educating and entertaining viewers. These also champion the need for sustainable behavior with dashboards that display real time power consumption or water usage.

We are proud to present the Blue Rhine Smart Devices, our line of energy efficient products, that recycle and reuse raw materials in their operation.

Blue Rhine Smart Devices (BRSD) enables network operators with an intelligent device management solution, to automate industrial and commercial applications. BRSD brings cloud service and advanced embedded device control technology together into a single dashboard. Enterprises can reap more benefits with an efficient workforce and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Usage of lithium batteries in LED screens & energy saving IC (Integrated chips) reduces power consumption to less than half in some cases. Heat dissipation  can often be a cause of concern in most electrical units and may lead to short circuits.  We utilize a highly sensitive temperature protection switch that cuts off at high temperatures to prevent any hazards.

To be sustainably responsible, we observe some best practices in our production, procurement and project execution strategies. For instance, the projects being executed in Abu Dhabi need to be compliant with the Estidama Pearl rating guideline developed by the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council as part of their sustainable development initiative. Every material that we use in these projects needs to have an Estidama clearance that in turn ensures a 100% sustainable solution/project.

While the initial investment involved in developing  more sustainable and energy efficient digital signage solution might seem higher, our clients reap long term benefits in the form of  lower power consumption and reduced operational costs.

Blue Rhine Industries are committed to their cause of a sustainable, and environment friendly business. We hope that the new era of sustainable digital signage ushers in a new wave of waste-free, energy efficient solutions. We continue to play our part in fostering a culture of eco-responsibility necessary to protect the natural resources of the communities we live in.