The Dubai Mall Zabeel

The Dubai Mall Zabeel expansion is an extension to the existing The Dubai Mall. It increases the footprint of the Mall by 40% by connecting the two structures with a number of bridges, the largest being the link-bridge which will be 200m long and 50m wide. The expansion building provides additional parking to the existing The Dubai Mall as well as a substantial increase in retail outlets and restaurants.

Why Choose Us?

Blue Rhine Industries scope of work was to survey, design, engineer, fabricate and install 18 static displays in five months. We worked with our client and the consultant to finalise the structural calculations and design, in co-ordination with the façade specialist. All material submittals were approved and we complied with all health and safety inductions and procedures with our ISO certified teams.

We used a slim line visible trim of just 50mm which was painted to match the façade colour, giving emphasis to the illuminated graphics.

Two wrap around corner graphics were designed and implemented, giving a seamless, continuous look and feel, one of which was 56 meters in length on the South Façade. A simple tension system allows the graphics to be swapped out easily and quickly when campaigns change. All access and high-level installations were under Blue Rhine’s scope of work.

Key Benefits

  • ISO certified team of Installers and Project Managers
  • Effectively managed the design, electrical and structural processes
  • Close co-ordination with the consultant and main contractor
  • Completed on time and within budget