Invented by Dr John Pemberton, Coca-Cola original taste first went on sale at Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia. It was Dr Pemberton’s bookkeeper, Frank Mason Robinson, who invented the now world famous red-and-white logo with its special Spencerian script. Novo Cinemas, the largest chain of theatres in the Middle East, entered into a new five-year strategic beverage supply and marketing partnership with Coca-Cola, the world’s largest beverage company in 2016, across the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain. To honour this partnership, Novo Cinemas display signage in the shape of Coca-Cola bottles across the UAE in their Cinemas.

Why Choose Us?

Blue Rhine Industries executed the design and fabrication of the Coca-Cola signage including illuminated 3D letters and Coca-Cola bottles which our team prototyped and tested. The aim was to give a high brand impact and an engaging customer experience replicating the highly recognisable Coca-Cola logo.

We moulded the shapes of the letters and bottles from acrylic. To ensure the project was delivered to the standard expected, our team focussed towards quality control, quality planning and quality assurance. We regularly provided work performance information including the status of deliverables, performance specification reports and planned results versus actual results. This level of transparency with our client ensures that each stakeholder is provided with up to date and accurate information.

Key Benefits

  • Illuminated 3D letters and Coca-Cola bottles
  • Highly recognisable global brand
  • Quality control, quality planning and quality assurance

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