Kuwait National Cinema Company (KNCC), formerly known as Kuwait Cinema Company, have over 10 cinemas and aim to make the Cinema experience more fulfilling to all moviegoers in Kuwait. A rebrand transformed Cinescape into a brand that reflected the significant changes made by the Cinema Company since its privatisation. The challenge was to create something compelling and energetic that connected with the youth of Kuwait.

Why Choose Us?

Blue Rhine Industries supported the rebrand process through the supply of static and digital signs as part of the refresh. Our team of digital experts creatively engineered, specified and installed the digital screens which have helped to define the eye catching interior. All content can easily and cost effectively be updated by the client, minimizing the need for paper and digital prints. There are a broad range of LCD screens and LED curved screens which optimise the space and give a high brand impact.

Our key responsibilities included the co-ordination of all signage and digital site activities, testing and commissioning, product design and engineering of the sign family, as well as the fabrication and installation of all items. We guarded the vision and concept of the signage and gathered all information in order to ensure a smooth installation process with our local team.

Key Benefits

  • Centrally fabricated signage program
  • Consistent regional brand application
  • All products quality controlled
  • Installed by our local team
  • Fast, cost effective updates
  • Optimized signage product for all sites
  • Deliver any content to the screens immediately at any time of the day
  • Centrally managed

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