LED Display Screen Manufacturers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

At Brisigns, we manufacture and supply a range of LED/LCD screens for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our LED screens are available in different screen resolutions, sizes and colour displays including monochrome, to make sure that your display looks bright and clear in daylight and night. Known for their quality and robustness, our LED video wall solutions come with software support and service guarantee to ensure that your content runs live day in and out. Whether it is for advertising, entertainment or communication, we remain committed to developing innovative LED solutions for your unique requirements by tapping the latest technology and expertise.

Advantages of using LED/LCD Screens:

• Deliver any content, anywhere, any time
• Changes are fast and cost effective
• Save recurring printing, distribution costs
• Physical replacements are not required
• Source of revenue through advertisement

  • Impactful delivery of mass advertising messages 
  • Cut down expenses on print advertising expenses
  • Display multimedia content
  • Change ads without replacing the structure
  • 100% water and weather-proof outdoor LED screens 

Types of LED/LCD Screens

Our LED/LCD screens come in a range of designs and styles to fit your advertising requirements. We have the following types of screens for your advertising needs. 


  • Touch Screens
  • Flexible Screens
  • Spherical Screens
  • Digital Display Boards
  • Multi-colour large indoor and outdoor screens

 For unique and specialized requirements, we can custom-design our screens to suit your needs. Contact our office in Dubai or Abu Dhabi for LED Screen-related enquiries. 

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