Trilogi forms an integral part of Gulf Marketing Group (GMG) as an established logistics provider. The company is a leading integrated supply chain company serving the UAE.

Their full service includes distribution and storage for a variety of established, local and international brands in the Middle East.

Trilogi specialise in cold chain product storage and management and are one of the only companies in the region with fully-equipped distribution centres to store and distribute products that require temperature control. Their knowledge and expertise in edible and pharmaceutical products mean a variety of customers trust Trilogi to collect, store and distribute their goods.

Trilogi covers air, sea and land freight, providing a full range of options for customers.

Why Choose Us?

Our team is driven by connecting materials and technologies with aesthetics in mind, developed by our product designers and engineers. We excel in providing brand enhancing solutions and low cost with high quality outputs. Our team of fabricators and designers worked together to optimise the large-scale logo which reaches over 10 meters high. Our installers expertly plotted the template onto the building façade and we had the setting out approved by the client.

The spiral shape was built up of aluminium letters and has face illumination. The sign family was made up of stencil cut aluminium cladded totems with acrylic and illumination, door plates and vinyl manifestations.

Quality control and on-going brand management is a key to sustaining the quality and value of the brand and our warranties and guarantees for this project covering five years give clients peace of mind to retaining a high-quality product.

Key Benefits

  • CAD modelling and finite analysis
  • Audits of sites, environments and signage systems
  • On site installation management and supervision with our Head of Health and Safety

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