The Retreat Hotel

The Retreat, Palm Jumeirah is Dubai’s first holistic wellbeing resort in the Middle East. It is an idyllic sanctuary that offers relaxation and tranquility which is tucked away in a sublime, secluded location on the shores of Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah.

Why Choose Us?

Blue Rhine Industries was appointed to supply strategic wayfinding consultation, site surveys, signage engineering and design, fabrication and implementation of a wayfinding system that would be easy to understand.

The goal was to develop an efficient, friendly concept with high impact. The system needed to be flexible, easily maintainable, while observing the wayfinding principles established through hierarchy of information, lines of sight and structured navigational pathways.

Surveys and a wayfinding analysis of the hotel revealed the most effective points of entry, the primary thoroughfares and the key wayfinding touchpoints.

Key Benefits

  • Simplified, standardised signage system, all locally sourced materials, coatings and finishes
  • A unique solar-panelled sign developed to support the client’s green initiative
    Improved product sustainability
  • Wayfinding strategy developed to cater for the various needs of all hotel stakeholders including visitors, staff and deliveries
  • Standardizing the signage locations, positions and viewing distances in order to help with navigation

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