THAT Concept Store

THAT Concept Store is constantly innovating to create more immersive and engaging customer and shopping experiences at its outlets. Primarily a retail outlet for apparel, a visit to this store reveals that it is so much more. THAT Store is a never-before-seen retail experience, complete with a grocery store, beauty salon and of course, our cutting-edge customer experiences.

This brand has successfully created a hybrid concept between a physical and electronic store- in accordance with its unique strategy involving an omnichannel approach to providing retail experiences. To that end, the store has been upgraded to implement technology that improves customer engagement, increases sales, and provide staff with better tools to aid customers.


Why Choose Us?

One of the most prominent and technologically brilliant solutions incorporated by THAT Concept Store is Blue Rhine Industries’ Smart Mirror solution. This solution was developed with some support from ICON multimedia and their user interface software- Mirandda. Leveraging the benefits of RFID technology, the Smart Mirror is capable of identifying the garments/apparel that the user carries into the fitting room. The Smart Mirror then automatically displays information about the product being carried by the customer and even suggests possible matches to complete the outfit. Additionally, the customer can request for alternate sizes or colors available at the store without even leaving the fitting room.

Another feature that makes these Smart Mirrors so innovative is how they simplify the purchasing process for the customer. The mirror can generate a unique QR code which the customer can scan in order to instantly pay for their purchases- creating immense value and utility for the user. All 6 Smart Mirrors are powered by Intel based Compaq PCs. The mirror is also optimized for use during the pandemic- automatically displaying a message that alerts the next customer to enter the fitting room that it is inoperative until the disinfection services are performed, thus guaranteeing health safety protocols.

The Smart Mirrors operate in synchrony with the integrated THAT Store mobile application- which customers can use to communicate with the instore sales staff to request for alternate clothing options or additional information.

Another cutting-edge device that can be found at THAT Concept Store is our Intelligent Beauty Mirror. In this customer journey, the user is presented with a range of cosmetics that can easily be selected and navigated through via the touch interface of the Beauty Mirror. Once the user selects a particular make-up product, the mirror uses Augmented Reality to display how the user would look if they used that product in real life. With options for hair color, lipstick, and other cosmetics, the range of looks that can be experimented with is limitless!

Aside from these digital offerings, Blue Rhine Industries has made numerous installations at THAT Concept Store which greatly augments and enhances the visual experiences felt by customers at this location. All the static signage, for this brand has been created and installed by our in-house team of technicians.


Key Benefits

  • Interactive customer experiences such as the Smart Mirror effectively revolutionize customer journeys in retail outlets
  • Our Smart Beauty Mirror solution is cutting-edge and provides immense value and utility to customers
  • These solutions go a long way in increasing in-store efficiency for the staff and reducing overall lead-times
  • Our solutions are adaptable and can be revamped at any time to suit the evolving needs of a brand