Nando’s is a chain of casual dining restaurants with a presence in over 35 countries. It originated in South Africa three decades ago, specialising in Portuguese style peri-peri chicken. With over 1,000 outlets worldwide, the international brand has become immensely popular for their uniquely flavoured chicken.

Why Choose Us?

The signage for Nando’s was designed and customised to suit this iconic brand and bold branding strategy. Blue Rhine Industries achieved a consistent site application through a detailed site survey process and precise documentation. Our highly skilled team of installers delivered the finished product outside of normal working hours and all work inspection reports were signed off with minimal snags. The project team measured our quality planning through reliability tests and quality control measures complaining with our ISO 9001 standard.

Key Benefits

  • Delivered on time to meet the store opening
  • Matched the client’s global brand standards
  • Dedicated quality control to match our ISO standards.

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