The Magrabi group was first established in 1927 in Egypt and started the foundations for retail and hospitals. In 1981, Magrabi opened their first optical store in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Since then, they have grown exponentially across the Middle East and North Africa becoming the largest ophthalmic and sunglasses chain in the region with over 160 retail outlets providing various designer sunglasses and prescription glasses.

Why Choose Us?

Using the 2D artwork provided by the client, our designers engineered the logo into the 3D form for sites across the UAE. We selected materials and finishes for client approval and tested full-size mock-ups to ensure even illumination and no light leakage.

Our quality control system throughout the entire manufacturing and installation process means we can ensure quality products on site.

Key Benefits

  • Delivered to budget
  • In line with regional brand consistency
  • Even illumination with no hotspots
  • Prototypes delivered for client sign off

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