LIFE Pharmacy

As the first Healthcare Hypermarket in the GCC region, LIFE is one of the most established pharmacy companies in the GCC region. It is the largest retailer of pharmaceutical products in New Dubai and is the only organization with the highest number of 24×7 Pharmacies in the UAE. Apart from providing extraordinary services to customers through insightful retail experiences, LIFE is the only pharmacy chain to represent 100+ exclusive principal brands from across the globe. This chain of pharmacies has truly one of the most renowned brands at large in Dubai today!


Why Choose Us?

The salient feature of our work with LIFE Pharmacy is the sheer number of projects we have undertaken and successfully delivered for this brand.  We have created and installed digital signage and traditional signage for LIFE Pharmacy at more than 50 locations- and that’s just in Dubai!

As consummate sign-makers with decades of experience in the art, few projects have been as demanding and fulfilling as this one. Just like any franchise or chain of stores, LIFE Pharmacy operates through many locations all over Dubai. Every single one of these locations is unique in terms of size, elevation, height from the ground, the surrounding environment, the structural features of the building, and whether the location is indoors or outside. Correspondingly, as the signage provider for this brand, we needed to take all these factors into consideration during the design phase.

A striking attribute of the signage we created for LIFE is how significantly different each installation is in dimensions and appearance depending on which location the store is based in. For instance, we installed signboard that stretched right around the corner at Blue Waters Dubai, created a unique storefront façade for the LIFE Pharmacy at City Walk Dubai, and placed illuminated acrylic signage for the indoor pharmacy at The Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. Several of these stores contained customized LED screen and digital signage solutions- also created and installed by us. No two projects for this brand are ever alike!

Another interesting challenge in our work here was to create signage that is extremely diverse in its scope while also ensuring that it did not interfere with our client’s brand guidelines. As we are sure can be seen from the end result, when it comes to LIFE Pharmacy we successfully created signage that was always unique, highly visible, and in line with the brand!


Key Benefits

  • Signage that is made to match with the location of the store, structure of the building, and various dimensional constraints
  • Extremely visible installations that can easily capture the attention of viewers
  • Installations that embrace brand guidelines despite being very different from each other in appearance