Ibis Hotel

Ibis is an international hotel operator owned by Accor Hotels. Usually located close to city centers, airports, beaches or railway stations, we have worked with brand extensively across the Middle-East and continue to provide support at new and existing hotels.

Why Choose Us?

We have designed, manufactured and installed the entire signage and wayfinding packages for several Ibis Hotels across the region. In collaboration with their facilities team and the contractor, we surveyed all sites, designed and engineered a brand-led signage and wayfinding system and implemented it in time for the hotels launch.

We continue to partner with Ibis to deliver programs on an ongoing basis.

Key Benefits

  • The signage package ranges from flags, entrance banners, high level signs, welcome totems and price display totems
  • We provide turnkey solutions based on the brand’s requirement
  • Extensive guideline manual development allowing consistent application to a wide variety of architectural styles
  • Signage solution engineered to suit local weather conditions

Other Projects