The Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue

Fashion Avenue is an extension of The Dubai Mall and houses over 150 luxurious shops and restaurants. It has a dedicated valet parking service and is home to some of the world’s top brands.

The Mall is run by Emaar Malls Group and has increased its footprint by 275,000 square meters.

Why Choose Us?

Emaar Development approached Blue Rhine Industries directly, to fabricate the external signage at Fashion Avenue to help visitors find The Dubai Mall entrance and the Fashion Avenue Valet Parking entrance. We had 10 days to engineer the signage, fabricate and install the products, co-ordinating the foundations and the electrical cable work.

We submitted material sample boards for sign off and agreed the locations with Emaar. We designed a concealed fixing system to hide all mechanical details and to keep the signage clean and elegant. The signage has helped to significantly increase visitor footfall to the Valet Parking entrance outside of the main entrance.

A second phase of work followed by direct appointment from The Dubai Mall to fabricate the digital signs for the escalator totems and the lift lobby directory signs, 28 signs in total. Both sign types housed TV screens and displayed the level directory information and advertising. The digital format allows for instant and cost-effective updates by the Mall Management team. The materials matched the existing interior design and consisted of polished stainless steel and aluminium. All shop drawings and material submittals were approved by the consultant.

Key Benefits

  • Designed a concealed fixing system
  • Increased visitor footfall
  • Co-ordination with Emaar and their landscape contractor
  • Allows for instant and cost-effective updates

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