Expo 2020

Hailed as a “once-in-a-lifetime-celebration”, Expo 2020 is geared to be a triumph of human brilliance and achievement. Connecting people from all over the world, this event is an opportunity for them to experience the best of science, technology, art, geography, innovation, and culture.

This edition of the expo will be held in Dubai, where the focus will be on creating a meaningful legacy for future generations. Welcoming 190 participating countries, Expo 2020 aims to stimulate business opportunities and tourism in the region.


Why Choose Us?

Our work at Expo 2020 was another crowning achievement in the history of our organization. Blue Rhine Industries was responsible for setting up more than 1600 static and digital offerings across the exhibition facility.

Our portfolio at Expo 2020 was extremely diverse and extensive. Notable projects included 4 digital information kiosks, 6 double-sided interactive touch screen kiosks, 10 hanging hall identification signs, and many 21-inch TV meeting room signs.

One of the most unique pylon signs we’ve ever created can be found at the expo. This sign is a combination of both digital and static displays! We fabricated these pylons from MS Steel structures with a 6mm pixel pitch IP68 screen. This screen was tailormade to meet the designer’s intended shape.

While the top of the pylon is a digital display, the bottom is a static display with illuminated letters. The entire structure has been cladded with a stainless-steel brush finish, and we love the fact that there are no visible fixing details and almost no joints! The entire design is inspired by sand dunes in the desert and we created our digital displays and signage at unique angles in order to reflect that aesthetic.

One of the bigger challenges in this project was the installation of our high-level signs and achieving the shape of the static signage along with the screen. We also installed the hall numbers with a special Hilti cavity and custom-made spacers to accommodate the HPL soundproof panels.

Another notable achievement for us was being awarded by the Senior Leadership Team at the expo for our health and safety practices onsite. The installation team there was awarded one of the highest scores amongst all the teams working at the site.


Key Benefits

  • A combination of digital and static signage that provides incredible versatility and dynamism in displaying content
  • One-of-a-kind design and appearance inspired by UAE’s famous sand dunes
  • Designed to provide maximum visibility and utility to all visitors at the Expo
  • The wayfinding signage allows for visitors to navigate through the Expo easily and efficiently
  • The digital signage has the capability to play dynamic content and thus provides marketing and advertising opportunities on a highly visible platform