Dubai Sports Society

Dubai Sports Society is a game-changing one stop location for all your sporting needs. This giant facility is home to restaurants, gyms, sporting stores, and even an arena to broadcast sports related content and events! This sports-oriented mall is the first of its kind in the region and is dedicated to being the only destination that matters when one thinks of athletics in Dubai.


Why Choose Us?

One of the factors that make this project truly remarkable is the unique set-up of special day-time screens with a combination of night-time screens, all of which were installed in perfect harmony. We fabricated the entire supportive structure for these screens and were responsible for the installation as well. These enormous screens were assembled on the outer surface of the building and will be instrumental in attracting attention to this location, while conveying the sports and fitness-oriented vibe of this complex.

Our work on the inside of Dubai Sports Society is just as impressive-once you step inside this massive structure, you will be greeted by a combination of over 450 sqm of internal LED screens. Suspended at a height of 20m from the ground, an immense Jumbotron is perfectly positioned to draw as many eyes as possible. A 10m high transparent LED screen stands tall in its place on the façade of the elevator. These installations provide tremendous value to any visitors at this sports-oriented mall, given that they are capable of broadcasting sporting events as well as inform viewers regarding promotions and other attractions.

This project has been tremendously challenging yet rewarding for us. We had just 60 days to install the internal LED screens and jumbotron and lifting the latter to the required height proved to be an arduous task. Most of our work here was done at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic- not to mention the searing temperatures of summer in Dubai. All things considered, our grit and technical expertise as an organization won the day, and we are more than proud of the results!


Key Benefits

  • Immense scope in terms of digital signage- which is proven to capture significantly more attention compared to traditional signage.
  • Tremendous value provided by the flexibility of LED screens as a medium-play any content at any time!
  • Efficient, sustainable, and more economical alternatives to traditional advertising media.