Dubai Duty Free

Founded in 1983, Dubai Duty Free has grown into one of the biggest travel retail operators in the world. While the successful running of the shop-floor is a major focus for Dubai Duty Free, the operation is highly committed to promoting Dubai through a series of high level sporting events including the Dubai Duty Free tennis championships, Dubai Duty Free Irish Open and Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby.

Why Choose Us?

We worked with the client to design, fabricate and implement a lightbox ‘ribbon’ to provide an engaging experience as visitors to the Dubai International Airport, terminal one, are guided from one end of the airport to the other through a consistent environmental branding application. Key to the scheme is a focus on connectivity with the environment and access to each zone of the Dubai Duty Free retail units.

Key Benefits

  • Signage manufactured using high volume, low cost manufacturing techniques, providing superior product quality and maintainability.
  • All installation work completed in a highly secured area and out of hours, to limit the disruption to stakeholders and to ensure the smooth running of the airport is maintained

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