Residing in the Mall of the Emirates Dubai, Dreamscape is a Virtual Reality theme park and is the first of its kind in the region. Dreamscape uses cutting edge technology to provide the most immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experiences. The possibilities are endless- you can soar through the sky, visit alien zoos, or even talk to a dragon! These virtual events are designed for all ages. Every experience is visceral and unforgettable. This is one adventure you can’t miss!


Why Choose Us?

We are proud of the part that we played in developing this venture. Innovation and technology are one of the driving forces behind experiences like Dreamscape, and our project here reflects that. Our body of work at Dreamscape included numerous digital display and signage solutions. The most challenging aspect of this project was in creating and installing 2 custom-made LED screens which had to be curved in shape. These screens are the most prominent feature visible at the entrance of Dreamscape.

We also installed 11 LCD screens that can be found everywhere across the theme park. These screens had a pixel pitch of P 2.9 and varied in size from 49 inches to 65 inches. Aside from this, we created and installed static signage at this location-the most notable example of which is featured right at the entrance.


Key Benefits

  • Unique custom-made screens with a complex non-linear design
  • Aesthetic appearance that matches the energy and atmosphere of the theme park
  • Digital displays that draw attention to the theme park and captivate its audience