Dragon Mart

Dragon Mart is the largest trading hub for Chinese products outside Mainland China. The 1.2 kilometre dragon-shaped retail complex is divided into seven zones with over 4,000 stores offering everything from home essentials and furnishings to building materials, machinery and fashion.

Why Choose Us?

We worked in co-ordination with the end client to implement high level signage, vehicular totems, car park signage and internal wayfinding for Dragon Mart.

We prototyped and tested all sign types for client approval and our highly trained and detailed installers worked around the clock to deliver the program on time.

Our design, detailing and engineering team provided product development for the signage to enhance the 3D language of the logo. Using the clients strong colour scheme of red, black and white we created an eye-catching signage system that reflected their brand personality.

The totems were made from mild steel internal frames with aluminium cladded panels with stencil cut text and acrylic for the text for illumination. The high-level signs were aluminium canned letters finished with day / night acrylic to reflect black in the day time and white at night.

Key Benefits

  • Brand compliant
  • Health and Safety is a priority
  • High level signs that help increase brand recognition
  • Day / night acrylic used to maximize the contrast and to enhance the visibility of the letters