Al Rahmania Mall

Al Rahmania Mall was built by the Sharjah Co-Operative Society (SCS). This organization was founded in 1977 by Ministerial decree with the goal of improving the social and economical conditions of citizens in the region. Over the years, SCS has achieved remarkable success in the sphere of retail, creating numerous malls and shopping centers across the country.


Why Choose Us?

Our work at Al Rahmania Mall is a testament to our expertise in digital signage. We installed more than 150 sqm of LED screens at this location, aside from our static signage displays. One of the factors that make this project so notable is the range and diversity in terms of the types of digital signage solutions we implemented at this site. At a central location in the mall, we installed 2 dye-cast high level wide spine screens bearing the Pixel Pitch of 2.6mm and with the dimensions of 10m x 7m. We also created and installed 2 four-sided elevator screens of 3.5m x 1.5m as well as 2 double-sided elevator screens which stood at 3m x 1m.

The visual ambience of the food-court was also greatly enhanced by the installation of 2 high-level screens in the area, with the screens measuring 6.5m x 3.5 m. One of our favorite parts of this project was the creation and installation of 3 column shaped LED screens in the mall. These four-sided screens have a Pixel Pitch of 2.6 mm and boast edges that are completely seamless.

Aside from this we placed 20 fabric lightboxes measuring 6m x 3.5m across the mall. This project was in equal parts challenging and rewarding for us since we completed it at a time when the lockdowns due to the pandemic were in full effect. Another unique detail about our work was how we worked closely with marble contractors in lining the pillars and lightbox installations with Aster Marble.


Key Benefits

  • Digital signage installations that can be used for promotions or to inform shoppers
  • Customized digital signage solutions that match their environment
  • The ease of use and flexibility of digital signage solutions