Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve

Launched in 2018, Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve is the first unfenced nature conservation Reserve in the United Arab Emirates. This Reserve is home to some of the regions most diverse flora and fauna and includes the extensive man-made desert wetlands-Al Qudra Lakes.

The Reserve spans over 99 acres of desert shrub land, lakes, and is home to 26 identified species of reptiles, nine of mammals and 39 species of plants. It provides a sanctuary for 19 animal species considered endangered, as well as flocks of between 300 and 500 flamingos and over 360 other bird species- making a haven for birds and bird watchers alike.

The Reserve is managed by Dubai Municipality, and has become an extremely popular destination for tourism- the perfect location for camping, barbecuing and picnicking. With a number of observation points for wildlife, stargazing, and sunsets, the facility also boasts an 84 km cycling track, one of the world’s largest.


Why Choose Us?

Blue Rhine Industries was commissioned by Dubai Municipality to create and install the entire signage and wayfinding package at Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve. As consummate sign-makers, our directive was to produce signage that matched with the natural aesthetic of the Reserve and Al Marmoom as a brand.

The signage at this location is singular in terms of design, bringing to bear the entirety of our experience in the field. We used wooden elements and natural colors to create that beautiful natural feel in our work here. Many of the signs we installed here also have a “wood-burnt” effect which conveys a delightfully rustic and organic feel to the displays. The installations, when observed onsite have the unique ability to stand out without being intrusive to the surrounding environment. They are noticeable enough to provide value to visitors looking to navigate their way through the Reserve without compromising on the untouched beauty of the Reserve. We created and installed more than 200 signs and wayfinding installations across this location.

Our talented signage technicians were also responsible for creating the incredibly useful location maps found at key points in the Reserve. One of the more challenging tasks of this project was in accurately mapping the 99 acres of the Reserve for their portrayal on the maps we created. Another demanding aspect of our work here was how remote some of the locations were from a logistics standpoint- specifically in finding the correct locations, transporting our workforce and materials there, and last but not least, working through the soaring temperatures of summer in Dubai. It was ultimately our grit and expertise as masters in the art of signage that resulted in the successful completion of this project!


Key Benefits

  • The singular design of this signage amplifies the serene ambience of this location
  • Using natural elements and colors in our work makes for signage displays that provide value without compromising on the natural aesthetic of the Reserve
  • The wayfinding installations provide immense value to visitors looking to navigate their way through the Reserve