Renjith C.R.

Finance Manager

Profile Summary

Renjith joined Blue Rhine Industries back in 2010 and has over 12 years of experience in the signage industry. Currently, the finance manager, Renjith has managed different teams, served different roles, and worked on multiple high-profile jobs during his tenure.

Before joining the Finance department, as Operations Manager, Renjith used to oversee the organization’s manufacturing and installation process. This includes managing the Estimation Department, ensuring a steady supply of raw materials to the manufacturing facilities, and ensuring the timeline of project completions, installations, etc.

Among Renjith’s key projects are Expo 2020, UAE Expo 41 (Unipole) Sheikh Zayed Road – Dubai, VOX Cinemas, Dubai Sports Society, Mid Field Terminal Building at the upcoming Abu Dhabi Airport, and MUVI Cinemas.