Nita Odedra

Director - Strategy

Profile Summary

Nita Odedra, an accomplished Director for Strategy, with a compelling track record in propelling growth and elevating business performance. Currently spearheading strategic initiatives at Blue Rhine Industries in the GCC region, Nita is wholeheartedly committed to advancing the company’s portfolio and fostering key relationships to drive its success.

Endowed with a diverse spectrum of responsibilities, Nita contributes significantly to the overall organizational achievement. Central to her expertise is extending pivotal support to the leadership team, contributing to strategic decisions that fuel growth and secure a competitive advantage. With a keen ability to conduct thorough market analysis and identify emerging industry trends, Nita plays an instrumental role in shaping the company’s strategic trajectory.

Throughout Nita’s career, she has consistently stood at the forefront of digital transformation, automation, and orchestrating captivating digital signage and immersive experiences. Armed with a profound understanding of the Physical retail landscape, Nita specializes in crafting engaging customer and visitor experiences that seamlessly amalgamate physical and digital elements. Through expert utilization of innovative hardware, software, and customer development strategies, she adeptly collaborates with C-suite executives, infusing life into their visionary aspirations.