Niraj Vyas

Head of Technology

Profile Summary

With a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering, Niraj has been the Head of Technology at Blue Rhine Industries since 2013. Niraj has a deep understanding of digital signage and is well versed with digital signage software such as Ryarc, Scala, Navori, Foro, and Four Winds. Niraj is able to comprehend the client’s needs for digital signage elements and customize the perfect solution for their requirements.

Niraj is responsible for implementing all end-to-end digital signage solutions for Blue Rhine Industries. He also works closely with our in-house R&D team to develop new technology while handling aspects of our supply chain within the scope of our digital projects. Some of the most noteworthy projects that Niraj has worked on are Expo 2020, ENOC, VOX Cinemas, Debenhams (Alshaya Group), Reel Cinemas, Shake Shack, Nike, MUVI Cinemas, GEMS, Reebok, and Peugeot.