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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide installation services?

Of course! We provide end-to-end digital and static signage solutions all the way from the basic design stage till the installation is completed and ready for use. We have a team of 80 highly trained and efficient installation experts with decades of experience in the field.

Do you offer design services?

Yes! Our highly skilled in-house design team that is extremely competent in the use of design software like AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, SketchUp and so on. Not sure what your signage or digital display installation should look like? No problem! Our design team is creative enough to provide you with the perfect solution based on your requirements.

Do you ship signage or digital display solutions outside of the UAE?

Yes we do! We have divisions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, and Kuwait. Contact details below!

Dubai: Blue Rhine Industries | Plot No: 597-673|Dubai Investments Park 2|Ph: +971 4 823 1444| Website: https://brisigns.com/ | Email: hello@brisigns.com


Abu Dhabi: Blue Rhine General Trading| Plot 155 PO Box 52785, Mussaffah-33| Tel: +971 54 998 7971| Website: https://brisigns.com/ | Email: hello@brisigns.com


Saudi Arabia: Warehouse 1A | Jeddah Chamber Warehouses City |Al-Khumra |Post-Box No: 16301 |Jeddah 21462 |Ph : +966 12 6190 223| Website: https://sa.prosignsglobal.com/ | Email: hello@sa.prosignsglobal.com


Qatar: Building No. 21, Al Shufan Street| Al Thumama, Doha| Qatar| Ph: +974 300 27 200 |Website: https://qa.prosignsglobal.com/ |Email: hello@qa.prosignsglobal.com


Oman: Wadi Kabir, Muscat, Oman. |Ph: +968 2 485 2662 | Website: https://om.prosignsglobal.com/ |Email: hello@om.prosignsglobal.com

Kuwait: Blue Rhine Industries | Plot No: 597-673|Dubai Investments Park 2| +971 4 823 1444/ +971 52647 2683/ +971 55223 8689 | Website: https://brisigns.com/ | Email: hello@brisigns.com

Do I get a warranty after the installation is complete?

Absolutely! We offer warranties for up to 5 years on our work.

What about after-installation support?

We’ve got you covered! Our inhouse maintenance team is available 24 x 7 to respond to any problems or issues you have with our digital signage or static signage installations.


What kind of details do I need to know about the project before talking to you about it?

A great starting point would be to have a basic idea about the details of the project such as the height or elevation of the installation, the access equipment required, and some background on the specifications of the signage like the nature of its illumination, its size, and so on.

What information should I give you to get a quotation?

We need to have a detailed design or shop drawing of the signage project in question- which should be provided in the form of a .eps, .ai, or CAD file. In the case of creating signage for logos, it would help to know the approximate size of the logo as well. This information should be enough for us to generate a baseline quotation!

I want a high-level sign installed on the façade of a building/mall. Is that something you help with?

 For sure! In fact, we created and installed the biggest Nike Swoosh in the world at The Dubai Mall! More details here: https://brisigns.com/portfolio-posts/nike/

Do you provide wayfinding signage?

Of course! Check out these beautiful wayfinding kiosks we created and installed at Marsa, Ajman!


Digital Signage

Do you make customized LED screen solutions?

You bet! We are experts in creating bespoke digital signage solutions. No shape is too challenging!

Just take a look at-

Our work for REEL Cinemas: https://brisigns.com/portfolio-posts/reel-cinemas/

Our customized LED screen solution for Reebok: https://brisigns.com/portfolio-posts/reebok/


I don’t know what kind of screen I want! Is there a way for me to find out?

We thought you’d never ask! Our Experience Center is equipped with all the digital screen and LED signage solutions we have to offer, apart from the most cutting-edge innovations that change the game when it comes to creating customer experiences and engaging viewers. We strongly recommend that you pay us a visit to see the look and feel of our solutions in person!

Please contact us to arrange a visit!

Dubai: Blue Rhine Industries | Plot No: 597-673|Dubai Investments Park 2|Ph: +971 4 823 1444| Website: https://brisigns.com/ | Email: hello@brisigns.com

What is the “Pixel Pitch” of a screen?

Pixel Pitch refers to the density of pixels on an LED display. It is the distance in millimeters from the center of one pixel to the center of the adjacent pixel. Put simply, the Pixel Pitch indicates the empty space between 2 pixels on the screen, which means that the lower the Pixel Pitch is, the better the screen resolution will be.

We are capable of creating screens with Pixel Pitch in the range of 0.9mm to 16mm and everything in between!  

What does “Viewing Distance” mean?

You can get the best value for from your LED screen solution when you are aware of the optimal Viewing Distance of the screen in question. The optimal Viewing Distance is the point where image remains clear, but if the viewer moved much closer, the image quality would decrease, or the screen would appear pixelated.

So how do I know which Pixel Pitch and Viewing Distance I need for my screen?

Let’s answer that question with a few examples. A digital display with an interactive touch screen would need a lower Pixel Pitch to produce crisp, high quality images- since the user would need to be close to the screen in order to use it. On the other hand, an LED screen displayed above viewers, like a jumbotron or screen hanging at the center of an arena, could get away with a higher Pixel Pitch. 

The short answer is that a smaller Pixel Pitch will always give you better quality image, but the investment will not be fully appreciated if the screen is not seen from a sufficiently close enough distance.

Do you provide software training?

Definitely! We have a team of skilled technicians and engineers who are dedicated to providing hands-on training for the various software and content management services that we use for our digital installations.

Still have questions? No problem! Write to us at hello@brisigns.com and we’ll get in touch with you!