Creating an immersive cinema experience

Cinema-lovers enjoy the intangible aspects of a cinema experience apart from the thrill of watching their favorite blockbuster movie. The customer experience in today’s cinemas is distinctively delightful. Consequently, movie venues should aim to satisfy these types of experiences customers are seeking. In so doing, they should focus more on their customers’ need for sensory and experiential outing attributes, while highlighting their value proposition. Multi-sensory elements should be used in cinema settings to tell a brand story through their design, layout, and display strategy. Care must be taken to ensure the lighting and color scheme represents the desired brand experience.

Blue Rhine Industries services and products have been proven time and time again to add value to cinemas throughout Gulf countries.

It is important that exterior Signage and wayfinding signage provide clear directions and include brand templates and wordmarks. Among the important components of a cinematic experience is the venue setting, which contributes to the telling of a brand story through design, layout, and display strategies via multisensory elements

When used for marketing and communication, LED Screens prioritize communication and experiential objectives. In order to make the most of this tool, the design, layout, and display strategy should be focused on displaying the brand logo and emphasizing the products through atmospheric elements.

An interactive Digital kiosk that is fully automated is a great way to co-create meaningful products and experiences. The kiosks not only look stylish but also offer an opportunity to showcase interactive applications. The placement of product displays and specifically price displays should be strategically planned and executed.

An excellent way to promote upcoming movies or special offers is through Lightboxes. Using them on any type of advertising material will transform your cinema or theatre into a new look that is sure to bring in customers.


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