Understanding Digital Signage

What is Digital Signage?

Electronic displays, as small and as large as you wish. Simple to manage, easy to change. Digital signage crosses the limits of alternative advertising, while enjoying the advantages of traditional advertising. You can design and publish a targeted message for specific customers at a scheduled moment, with no budgetary concerns.


Digital Signage is a form of communication using electronic dynamic display (as opposed to traditional signage, using a static tin/wood/paper display). Digital Signage has evolved in the past two decades from a platform that can be afforded almost exclusively by the largest companies (for example, McDonald’s) and large government venues (airports, transportation hubs, etc.) into a common way to communicate with visitors and customers.


The main turnaround, due to several trends, occurred in the last two-three years. The prices of flat screens dropped significantly, modern Digital Signage software as a service (cloud-based software) was introduced and the hardware context changed: PC prices also fell, These technological trends are now enabling almost any type of business and venue to implement Digital Signage and communicate with their customers and visitors without breaking tight budget constraints. The future looks even brighter, and the Smart TV trend will lower the costs even further

Why everyone is talking about it?

1.     Deliver any content, any where, any time

2.     Changes are fast & cheap

3.     Save Recurring Printing, Distribution Costs

4.     Physical Replacements not required

5.     Source of revenue through advertisement

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