LEDCOM Technology revolutionizes the industries of illuminated advertising and facade lighting.

   •  Up to 90% reduction of energy and energy costs
       The higher initial investment pays back within a very short period of time
   •  Constant and maximum advertising impact
      All types of signs are lighted in a very homogenous way and with optimum brightness. No   shadowing and flickering. LEDCOM guarantees the maximum advertising effectiveness.
   •  10 times longer lifetime compared to fluorescent tubes
        The LEDCOM light lines offer a lifetime of 50,000 to 70,000 hours
   •  Reduced service expenses. Easy and quick rebuilding.

       LEDCOM light lines excel in an easy-to-service construction and help to reduce maintenance costs.

   •  High Reduction of CO 2 emission – LEDCOM is a GREEEN PRODUCT
   •  LEDCOM Temperature Management: The housings and the complete internal construction utilize a thermally optimised  design and guarantee an operation in an optimised area.
   •  LEDCOM: Complete IP 65 standard for outdoor use!

LEDCOM light lines are recommended for the use in:
   •  Advertising Pylons
   •  Illuminated Signs
   •  External Illuminated flex face boxes
   •  Shop fitting Components

The Innovative LEDCOM technology offers unlimited possibilities to illuminate buildings. Creative designer ideas combined with professional technical knowhow and long time experience in the field of LED lighting transform buildings and facades into visual highlights.

The LEDCOM technology provides individual solutions from spotlights to fully illuminated facades and buildings.

LEDCOM light solutions are characterized by:

   •  Creative solutions
   •  Highest energy efficiency on the market
   •  Brightest light and minimum energy consumption
   •  Easy control of animated and moving light

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