Maxx luxx

Maxxluxx is a brand developed by VGS Marketing GMBH (Germany) who has more than 10 years experience in producing high quality retail illuminated signage.

MaxxLuxx letters are made of acrylic glass with embedded LED which is sealed (weatherproof) with a flexible (UV-stable) (grouting) material (PU). The letters survive a short entry into water but they are not capable of an enduring use under water.

The LED’s used are 5V and all the signage will be supplied with suitable transformers that are weather proof for exterior use.

The illumination of the letters is also possible by RGB-LED. For RGB illumination it is required to consider that the minimum stroke width of the letters will be 4 mm more than in the case of illumination with one colored LEDs (12 mm stroke width). This is caused by the bigger size of the RGB boards. In addition different controls with the function of dimming, constant programs as far as free programmable schedules are available on request.

The elements are equipped with stud holes with M4 drillings at standard. But there are also other diameters from 3 to 8mm as well as through holes available. A mounting template in the scale of 1:1 is always added. On request the signs can also be provided with mounting material or as well as pre-mounted on a sub-construction, for example composed of aluminum or stainless steel profiles, round pipes, bonnets or similar. The substructures can be also painted appropriately.

The LEDs used in manufacturing Maxxluxx letters are procured from some of the world's most reliable LED manufacturers thereby maintaining the high quality standards that are expected from Maxxluxx customers. With a very low degradation period, design flexibility and high light output, Maxxluxx is the preferred choice for many consultants and designers across the globe.

  1. Front Illuminated
  2. Front and Rear Illuminated
  3. Front & Side Illuminated
  4. Outline Illuminated
  5. Rear Illuminated

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