3d LED

BRI has developed 3D illuminated letters fabricated out of aluminium which can be either face lit or back lit. The letters are fabricated with a minimum depth of 25 mm and the sides are paint finished. Any possible color can be achieved for the illuminated area either with matching color LED’s or colored acrylic or colored translucent vinyl.

3d LED – Letters do not have any visible screws or joints and comes with guaranteed homogenous illumination. 3d LED Signs offers our clients with a sleek and well finished Sign at a very affordable price.

Advantages of Using LED’s in Signs over conventional neon signs

  • LED’s are high-efficiency, low-maintenance & mercury-free
  • LED’s can save energy and money
  • LED lighting is "instant-on" and dimmable, and can provide a greatly increased level of control

Another advantage of LEDs is the directionality of the light, which helps to reduce light pollution.



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